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Post Graduate Certification in Wound and Ostomy Care

❖ Mobility/Immobility

Learning Objectives

At the end of this course, the learner will be able to:

1. Identify complications of immobility (e.g., skin breakdown, contractures)

2. Assess the client for mobility, gait, strength, and motor skills

3. Perform skin assessment and implement measures to maintain skin integrity and prevent skin breakdown

4. Apply knowledge of nursing procedures and psychomotor skills when providing care to clients with immobility

5. Apply, maintain or remove orthopedic devices

6. Educate the client regarding proper methods used when repositioning an immobilized client

7. Maintain the client's correct body alignment

8. Maintain/correct the adjustment of the client's traction device (e.g., external fixation device, halo traction, skeletal traction)

9. Implement measures to promote circulation (e.g., active or passive range of motion, positioning, and mobilization)

10. Evaluate the client's response to interventions to prevent complications from immobility

11. Monitor wounds for signs and symptoms of infection

12. Monitor and maintain devices and equipment used for drainage (e.g., surgical wound drains, chest tube suction, negative pressure wound therapy)

13. Perform wound care or dressing change

14. Provide ostomy care and education (e.g., tracheal, enteral)

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